TruthToTell, produced by CivicMedia/Minnesota, delves into issues often not covered in depth by other regional news and public affairs outlets and too often not with the goal of engaging citizens in resolving the critical state, local, and regional issues they face day-to-day.

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From Resistance to Change: The Top Stories in 2018 and a Look Ahead to 2019

TruthToTell host Tom O’Connell looks back on some of the most significant stories in 2018 and speculates about what’s in store for 1019.
Special guests: Peter Callaghan, Minnesota politics and government reporter for MinnPost, and Kaohly Her, newly elected representative from District 64A in St. Paul.

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After more than a decade of broadcasting our weekly public-affairs program on KFAI, TruthToTell is going on hiatus before shifting its programming to a podcast platform. Stay tuned for updates.