About Our Founder: Andy Driscoll

Andy Driscoll

Andy Driscoll (1939–2014)

Andy Driscoll, founder of TruthToTell and its parent CivicMedia/Minnesota, died in July, 2014. Both projects represented a perfect melding of his life-long involvement in politics, community engagement, theater, and the media. His passion and vision still inspire those who continue his work.

Over his long and varied public career, Andy grew increasingly concerned about the number of citizens who lacked the basic knowledge and skills to influence their government. He was determined to provide opportunities for teens and tweens to learn about government at all levels and gain the knowledge necessary to become active and informed citizens throughout their lives.

Andy also believed that too many people saw government as something separate from their daily lives and voting as their only way to impact policy decisions. He believed if citizens had regular opportunities to both listen to and interact with public officials and community leaders, they would find their voice and build stronger, more inclusive communities.

Ultimately, he was able to draw on the many connections he had made with educators, elected officials, community activists, community organizers, thinkers and doers – to shape the radio show that became TruthToTell and the non-profit CivicMedia/Minnesota. It was Andy’s dream to combine radio, the web, social media and CATV to create multiple opportunities for community learning and public action. Those of us who remain engaged with TTT and CM/M are committed to continue working with individuals throughout our community to make his dream real.