Get Involved

Are you passionate about your community?
Are you passionate about policy and politics?
Are you passionate about contributing to a well-informed Citizenry?

Join us.  Make us better.

If you’d like to dip a toe, we can work with you to design a project of limited duration based on your passions and skills.

Board of Directors

Minimum requirements to be on our BOD:

  • Be an advocate for social justice
  • Attend our quarterly BOD meetings  (8 hours annually)
  • Attend meetings and follow through on your designated committee obligations  (40 hours annually)
  • Executive Committee members must also attend quarterly meetings  (4 hours annually)

Responsibilities of a Board Member

View our current Board of Directors

Board of Facilitators

Would you like to contribute, but have fewer hours available than a member of the Board of Directors?

Consider one of these possibilities as a member of the Board of Facilitators:

  • Programming Group – Suggests events, topics, guests, story arcs and angles, vets show ideas to make sure they fit with our objectives.
  • Development Group – Protects and promotes the brand, image and reputation of TTT & CM/M. Works with promotional materials and fundraising. Seeks to recruit volunteers and building  our Board of Connectors.
  • Fundraising Group – Helps increase revenue of the organization, through fundraising, events, grants, new business and non-traditional revenue.
  • Ten Years Out Group – Helps with big picture goals and strategic planning.
  • Researcher – Vet claims or assertions and learn more about the issues we cover.  Ideally this person would do their work live during TruthToTell.
  • Riveter – Help make  the Board of Connectors blossom.
  • Assistant to the BOD Chair – Assist in planning the executive committee and BOD meetings; assist in prospecting for fundraising; assist in exploring long term possibilities.


  • Production Assistant – Helps behind the scenes with our on-air show Mondays 12–2pm as a guest coordinator, assistant engineer and/or station announcer
  • Engineer – Assumes the role of on-air engineer overseeing the broadcast.  You must be certified by KFAI.
  • Assistant Producer – Coordinates guests, sculpts one or two 20-minute segments, prepares questions
  • Producer – Oversees the show, prepares scripts, confirms segments, selects music, organizes the format, double-checks facts and guest information
  • Guest Host – Producers often host their segment or the full show with another host.

Internships – College Credit – Non Stipendiis Vestris/Ex Gratia (No Pay/Volunteer)

  • Candidates must apply as if applying for a job. Please send cover letter, resume, college requirements and college coordinator’s contact information to:
  • Allow up to a week and a half for a response.
  • Candidate should apply a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of requested internship.
  • Minimum internships are 50 hours per quarter or as required by your specific college guidelines. Internships are at the discretion of the organization, but we will work on accommodating the student as much as possible.


To learn more about our Volunteer Positions and Opportunities, please contact:
Siobhan Kierans, Executive Director, CivicMedia/Minnesota
C: (651) 983-0317   F: (877) 502-0222   E: