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Invisible No More: An Encampment, a Crisis, and Homelessness in the American Indian Community

Homelessness in the American Indian community is no secret. Yet programs designed to address it often don’t connect with American Indian culture. So, over the past few weeks, hundreds of Native Americans have created their own response: An encampment that offers hope and community along with formidable health and safety challenges. Is this a defining moment? Can city and community leaders take this opportunity to creatively design approaches that actually work for the community?

To find out, TruthToTell talks with Patina Park, executive director of the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center and chair of the Council of Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors, and David Hewitt, director of the Hennepin County Office to End Homelessness.

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What’s “Special” About Special Education?

Who is special education for? How does it differ from “regular education?” Why is there a shortage of special education teachers? What does special education have to do with the racial equity gap in education? These are just a few of the questions TruthToTell will cover with guests Rochelle Cox, executive director of Special Education and Health Services for the Minneapolis Public Schools, and Prof. Nicholas Hartlep, chair of the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department at Metropolitan State University’s School of Urban Education.