About CivicMedia/Minnesota

CivicMedia/Minnesota was born in 2007 when broadcast journalist and civic activist Andy Driscoll launched its flag ship program, TruthToTell, a weekly public affairs show on KFAI-FM. Andy had a vision: radio, TV and web-based programming that featured citizen voices and perspectives on important public issues. Andy believed that media could and should engage the public, especially on local issues where an educated and mobilized community can make a difference.

Since its founding, CivicMedia has produced over 400 editions of TruthToTell involving almost 1000 guests. Through its Community Connections program, CM/M has taken radio on the road, exploring critical public issues with live audiences across Minnesota. CivicMedia has made its programming available to the public on its web-based archive.

Andy believed, as do those who continue his work, that the truth in TruthToTell comes from multiple perspectives. In this spirit, TruthToTell has engaged low-wage workers and union organizers; criminal justice reformers and those who have experienced the criminal justice system; homeless advocates and homeless people; immigrants and immigrant rights experts. Through this process, CivicMedia has provided a media forum for groups on the front-lines of some of the most pressing social issues facing our communities and our state.

Andy Driscoll died on July 19, 2014. But the people he inspired continue the work. Building on this foundation, CivicMedia is committed to creating a comprehensive public affairs media organization that combines radio, TV and social media to engage citizens in movements for community empowerment and social justice.

This web site is your window into our work. Listen to previous programs, share them with others, learn more about the issues and organizations we cover, suggest topics you would like us to explore, co-host a radio program, join the Board of Directors or the Board of Connectors or become part of our production team. 

Bring your truth to Truth to Tell.