New studies warn us about the pending disasters that could well occur if continued economic inequality sticks with us and we don’t get our heads out of the sand about where each of us in middle-class circumstances actually sits along the income and to see the real harm increasing poverty is doing to disrupt society[...] Read More »
In 2009 Minneapolis became one of the nation’s largest cities to implement Ranked Choice Voting. Led by the citizen’s organization, Fair Vote Minnesota, proponents argued that RCV offered voters greater choice.  Just four years later, Minneapolis voters do indeed have greater choice—in fact thirty five candidates for mayor as well as a variety of highly[...] Read More »
While the state and Stadium Authority wrangle with the Wilf family over the latter’s personal and business financials before it approves a new Viking Stadium, a Hennepin County District Court case is asking a judge to order enforcement of a City Charter provision for a public vote on any city expenditure of $10 million or[...] Read More »
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TruthToTell, Monday July 15, Encore – TruthToTell: Community Connections- Insert Your Ideas Here- The Twin Cities Youth Empowerment Forum HELP US BRING YOU THESE IMPORTANT DISCUSSIONS OF COMMUNITY INTEREST – PLEASE DONATE HERE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VIDEO: YouTube or TTT VIDEO ARCHIVE     AND NOW: The KFAI Community Radio App is now up and running!! That means you can now hear TruthToTell –[...] Read More »
HELP US INFORM YOU  – DONATE HERE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND NOW: The KFAI Community Radio App is now up and running!!That means you can now hear TruthToTell – live – on your mobile – currently available for Android (, iPhone (, and iPad ( mobile devices. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some questions begging for your comments. Listen to or Wwatch our show[...] Read More »
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