As the debate over public education rages on, one area that almost everyone agrees on is the importance of parent involvement.  But what exactly is parent involvement?  How open are our schools to genuine partnerships? How well do our schools engage with low income communities and communities of color? What happens when the cultural values[...] Read More »
“The value of theatre lies in the idea of ‘play’. It is the concept of ‘play’ which is common to all theatre, from a main-house production of the ‘play’ King Lear, through site-specific performance art, to the most basic of improvisations,” says The Social Impact Study of UK Theater by Dr. Bill McDonnell, Professor Dominic[...] Read More »
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  It’s week one of KFAI’s Fall Pledge Drive! Call in on Monday morning to pledge your support at 612-341-9030 or donate now online. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With all the media attention the upcoming, highly-contested Minneapolis Mayoral Race is getting, isn’t it about time we all ask ourselves, how important is the mayoral office in implementing change? TTT’s[...] Read More »
Who are the key people, or institutions that are making things happen in Minnesota’s biggest city? More importantly, we’ll discuss with our panelists and audience members ‘Who should run Minneapolis?’ We’ll consider what all of our roles are as citizen, voters, tax-payers, parents, students, and the like. How do we make Minneapolis a city that[...] Read More »
New studies warn us about the pending disasters that could well occur if continued economic inequality sticks with us and we don’t get our heads out of the sand about where each of us in middle-class circumstances actually sits along the income and to see the real harm increasing poverty is doing to disrupt society[...] Read More »