Andy’s Blog: The USA Is Its Own Third Reich

Item: The CIA and the Pentagon are carrying out a chilling and illegal “targeted killing” program in which people far from any battlefield are determined to be enemies of the state and killed without charge or trial — and the program is expanding rapidly.

The ACLU has sued top CIA and Pentagon decision-makers to seek accountability for the unlawful killings of three U.S. citizens in Yemen last year. We’ll keep fighting in court for as long as it takes. But you can help end illegal targeted killings now.


So. How different can this possibly be from the murders and disappearances committed by the German Gestapo, the Israeli Mossad, the East German Stasi or the Russian Secret Police and all other similarly wrought internal secret killers who legally – or illegally, as in our case – prey upon their own citizens with such impunity.

UNDERSTAND THIS: The USA is under no security threat big enough to warrant the targeted killings of American citizens now under way by our CIA and Pentagon death squads. It’s of no consequence that this country may have been attacked by a foreign terror force resulting in 3,000 deaths if what we do in return is 1) murder a million Iraqis, 2) kills thousands of innocent women and children as collateral damage in targeting Taliban or insurgent fighters in other countries, and 3) hunt down right here on US soil and murder any of our US Sisters and brothers unless PROVEN INNOCENT in direct contravention of our way of justice.

These agencies have been granted far too many powers in overreaction to 9-11 – and you’d better believe the internal and external mercenaries – local police included – love this freedom to kill. They love it. They’re in the streets and quiet corners of the country and elsewhere playing God as if granted the divine right to execute on the spot. We must remove this right and clamp down on internal security forces just as the Free French or American revolutionaries or the Italian, Spanish and German undergrounds did in previous wars.

We citizens are at war with our own government, make no mistake. And this includes this president and his Defense Department, and his CIA, and his FBI and his military intelligence apparatus. This is the power that intoxicates, the power to kill, especially to kill with no consequences.

How sad can it be that we must write these things down and urge resistance in the strongest of terms? But we must.

We must.