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TTT1813 March 26 Mapping Predjudice Project, Tax Da

Inspired by the idea that we cannot address the inequities of the present without understanding the past, the Mapping Prejudice Project is developing the first-ever comprehensive map of racially based housing restrictions in an American city. These restrictions, known as racial covenants, prevented people of color from buying or occupying property. This hidden form of structural racism continues to impact our cities to this day.

Meanwhile, here in the present, federal tax policy continues to reinforce the class divide and this year’s legislation is worse than ever. To help us understand both past and present, TruthToTell welcomes two experts from the Mapping Prejudice Project, Kirsten Delegard and Kevin Ehrman-Solberg, as well as organizers of the Tax Rally Minnesota, 2018.



Kirsten Delegard works at the Borchert Map Library at the University of Minnesota.

Kevin Ehrman-Solberg is a graduate student in the geography, environment and society department at the University of Minnesota.

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