Audio is up on First Person Radio’s Laura Waterman Wittstock’s and Andy Driscoll’s conversation with AIM Co-founder, Clyde Bellecourt and Photographer Bob Zeller.

Clyde Bellecourt’s telling the story of AIM’s founding and its subsequent Wounded Knee confrontation with every federal law enforcement agency, not to mention all four military branches, was a chilling tale of the extent to the government has been willing to go to keep “upstart” Indians in their places. This and other stories of the volatile 60s and 70s will all appear in Bob Zeller’s chronicle of  the counterculture years in in MInnesota and around the country. Stay tuned for more of this work’s revelations and oral histories through CivicMedia’s auspices.

Clyde Bellecourt and Bob Zeller have joined together to tell the story of the American Indian Movement‘s roots in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Indian community.

Zeller began storytelling in video, audio, and photography after leaving Augsburg College in 1967. He taught film appreciation and coached debate. He chose to “drop out” as he puts it to “drop in” to the peace movement of the 1960s, whose Beat roots he found compelling.



BOB ZELLER – Visual Storyteller