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TTT1649 December 05 Kwansa-Turning Points

Kwanzaa preparations are well underway in the Twin Cities. Titilayo Bediako, executive director of the We Win Institute, and hip hop artist Longshot discuss the 20th anniversary of We-Win Kwanzaa celebrations at the Ordway and the importance of racial pride and unity in the black community.

Donald Hutera of The London Times explains how the British view the recent presidential election and speculates on whether President-Elect Trump will help or hinder British relations during the looming Brexit fiasco.

Robbie Orr and Jackie Mosio of the Peace and Social Justice Writers Group talk about their new  anthology, Turning Points: Discovering Meaning and Passion in Turbulent Times.

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Titilayo Bediako is executive director of the We Win Institute


Longshot is a Twin Cities–based recording artist


Donald Hutera is a Twin Cities–based journalist

Robbie Orr and Jackie Mosio are members of the Peace and Social Justice Writers Group


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